How to recover iPod SMS from broken iPod?

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                                 Mac OS X 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

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One of the cases from my customer: So the screen of my IPod broke, the screen literally fell out, UNUSABLE. I want to check my messages, my friends have been texting me through Messages but i can't see or answer since it's completely destroyed. I tried plugging my IPod in my computer and it said that the USB was not recognized. I'm getting an IPhone for Christmas though, so if I put in the same Apple ID that i had on my IPod, will I be able to access my messages then? Please help ?

Four truths to know before I write the solutions:
1. You can view the messages on your computer even if your iPod is broken;
2. You can recover the iPod messages to your computer hard drive;
3. If you have your iPod synced with iCloud, you can transfer them to your new iPhone/iPod by recovering data from iCloud;
4. If you did not use iCloud, you can also backup your iPod to your iPhone directly.

Fonetrans is a program for transferring SMS messages from iOS devices to your computer or between iTunes. With Fonetrans you do not only text messages, iPhone contacts but also transfer video, audio, eBook, photos, playlists, albums, etc.

Guide: How to recover messages from my broken iPod touch?

First you need to prepare for the transfer and share. The followings are what you need:
1. A computer (Windows or Mac OS)
2. iPod, iPhone, no matter which generation
3. Two USB cables, which enable you can connect the idevices to the computer at the same time
4. Fonetrans software. You can download it here:

Step 1. Download and install Fonetrans
To transfer messages from iPod, you need first to download and install Fonetrans and run it on your computer. You will see the following interface:

Step 2: Connect your iPod and new iPhone to your computer

You need to connect two iDevices to your computer via USB cables and this powerful software will load the info of your iPod and show it on the main interface. So you can learn how much space your iPod has and how much space your iPhone info takes.

Step 3: Choose the SMS in the category and find the Messages you want to transfer
Then you need to choose the messages you want to transfer from one iPod to another iPhone. Click the SMS section, you will find all the messages in the iPhone. The default condition is "check all", if you don't want to transfer all the messages and you need to uncheck the messages that you don't want to transfer.