How to recover deleted reminder on iPhone 5S?

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With iPhone Reminders, you can create to-do items for all areas of your life—such as work, home, and school—and manage them online. Any changes you make are automatically pushed to each device where you set up Reminders.

It is ease to use it. But we sometime may delete them by accident or lost them due to system crash or iPhone lost. How to recover the reminders back which is the very thing we need to consider. Because the reminders are very important and meaningful to us.

If you have iTune backup or sync with your iCould account, you can restore your iPhone by iTunes. If you do not make any copy yet, you need to recover from the iPhone hard drive. For iPhone or most hard drive, the files may not be deleted away forever, they will stay there for a while untile you delete them completely.

Guide: How to recover deleted reminder on iPhone 5S?

STEP 1: Download, install and run iPhone Data Recovery. Connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable. Under "Recover from iOS Device" mode and click "Start Scan" button to scan all your lost reminders.

STEP 2: Select "Reminder" category on the sidebar and tick the reminders you want to recover in the right pane.

Click "Recover" button to undelete your reminder. Once it's done, click "Open" button to get the exported file.

Or you can recover from iTunes backup file or iCould account