How to backup iPhone contacts:

Supported OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Win 2000, etc.
                                 Mac OS X 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

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solution 1:

Backup iPhone contacts to your computer

iTunes can automatically backup all your iPhone's data every time when you syn your data to iPhone, which seems ok, but when we try to see the detailed information of our backup data, we may find that all these data are encrypted.

in order to resolve this problem, I found a better way to backup iPhone contacts to computer, it is aiseesoft Fonelab, it is not merely a iPhone data recovery software, but also can be used as a iPhone contacts backup software, with it, you can free look up the itunes backup information in details and backup "itunes contacts backup" to visiable files with the format of CSV, HTML and VCF. you can also directly use it as your iPhone's contacts backup software directly without itunes. it is free to download.

Here is the detailed guide on how to backup iPhone contacts on mac os x and windows with this software.

1. Download Dr. iphone data recovery and have it installed on your compupter (PC, laptop, mac)

app interface

2. Click "start scan", this step may take a few minutes determined by your iPhone's data size

3. after sucussfully scan your iPhone, you can see the following interface

after import

4. Uncheck all first, then only check "contacts", then click "contacts" button

(under this interface, you can choose "only display the deleted items" which means backup your deleted iphone contacts) or just leave it by default display all contacts information.

iphone contacts list

5. click "recovery" button, after finish this step, then click "open" button, to open the "ouput folder" where stores your recovered iphone contacts informat. like the following shows, it import your ipone's contacts and save as csv, html and VCF formats.

output format


Solution 2 :

Backup iPhone contacts to gmail/hotmail/outlook/yahoomail and other email addresses

it is very easy to backup iPhone contacts to your email addresses as long as you have already backup iPhone contacts to your computer, as this Dr. iPhone contacts backup software have already read your iPhone's contacts information and save it in the format of csv, html and vcf. and almost all email adress which support import contacts all support those 3 formart as import contact format. and among 3 of them, VCF is most widely used. So here I only take how to backup iPhone contacts to gmail for example, and omit others, as others email service provider has simlilar operation.

Article: 3 step to backup iphone contacts to Gmail:

1. Open VCF folder where we can see all your iphone's contacts information in VCF format

2. Run dos command line, here we assume that the VCF folder's rout is: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Aiseesoft Studio\Aiseesoft FoneLab\peter 的 iPhone\2013-11-17 14-25-16\Contacts\VCF

we click "windows+R" button to call out run dialog then type in "CMD" to call out dos command in windows, under dos command we type in cd My Documents\Aiseesoft Studio\Aiseesoft FoneLab\peter 的 iPhone\2013-11-17 14-25-16\Contacts\VCF, which means get into the VCF folder, then type: copy *.VCF to d.VCF (which means copy all vcf files into one VCF file), like the following shows:

dos command


3. Login your Gmail, click contacts button, after get into the contacts page, under contacts interface, click "more"-choose "import"

gmail option gmail step 2

gmail step 3

After this operation, we just click "import" button, all your iphone contacts shall automatically backuped in your Gmail.




Solution 3 :

Backup iPhone contacts to iCloud.

This tutorial using the lastest ios 7.04 version, below this version also works. the precondition of enabling backup iPhone contacts to iCloud is that your iPHone must have wifi-connected or other wireless sigal connected (3G, for example).

3 steps of backuping up iPhone contacts to iCloud:

Step 1:Click "settings" in your iPhone button, choose "icloud"
Step 2: Ensure that the Contacts toggle is set to On. you can also choose other information you want to backup on your cloud, just set it to on.
Step 3: If an iCloud backup has never been performed before, then select the Storage & Backup cell from the bottom of the interface.
Step 4: Make sure the iCloud Backup toggle is set to On before selecting the Back Up Now option from the bottom of the display. This option will invoke an initial iCloud backup and provide an estimated length of time to complete the task. Please note that all iCloud backups require a Wi-Fi connection.



Beckup iPhone contacts to sim card

The iPhone has no ability to transfer contacts to a SIM card. It can only import data from a SIM and even that is limited to the name and primary phone number entries.
You probably wouldn't like the results anyway since SIM cards don't hold a lot of data and some fields don't transfer.