How to transfer songs, photos, video, sms, contacts, playlists from iPhone to iTunes in any situation?

Supported OS: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Win 2000, etc.
                                 Mac OS X 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

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FoneTrans is the best iPhone/iPad/iPod transfer software that can transfer iOS files to iTunes/computer for backup, transfer files from PC to iOS devices and transfer files between different iOS devices. How do I do this?

I search it with google and yahoo answer. And find that many people have the same problem with me. Are you one of these?

Case 1: I have an iphone which has all of my songs on it but recently my hard drive crashed and i got a new computer. i still have all of the music on my iphone, and have bought new music on my computer. I want to transfer my music to my iphone without losing everything on my phone, and transfer back anything on my phone onto my computer (including contacts, photots, etc.). How can i do that?

Case 2: For christmas i got a brand new laptop!!! I downloaded itunes, and all my music erased by accident, but i got them back. I kinda downloaded the movies online, and put them on my phone. How do i transfer all my movies to itunes?

Case 3: Transferring apps from iphone to itunes? i cant transfer my apps from my iphone to my itunes. I clicked transfer purchases but it says i cant because im not authorized. So i went to store- authorize computer, but it says im already authorized. SO WTF? **the reason i want to transfer purchases is so i can restore my iphone, cuz im hoping it will fix the problem of my apps closing right when i open them.

Case 4: i have an iphone and i bought a new mac today and i want to transfer everything from my iphone to my mac when i sync it in itunes. any help on how to do it? i want to carry over everything. apps, pics, music, everything

In most cases to transfer iPhone data to iTunes, we recommend Fonetrans which not only transfer purchased items that iTunes cannot do but also transfer sms and contacts from iPhone to computer or computer to iPhone or between iDevices. It is powerful.

How to transfer iPhone data like music pictures video sms contacts playlists to iTunes for backup or for restoring into new computer?

Step 1. Download and install iPhone Transfer - Fonelab. A window will be shown as follow which means that the software are looking for your iPhone 6 device. All the data about your iPhone, such as type, capacity, version, format and serial number will be shown on the main interface.

Step 2. Check all the items you want to transfer to iTunes when you iPhone is recognized.
iPhone to iTunes transfer will show your photos, music, movie and playlist, sms, contacts, ebooks purchased or downloaded online on the left. You can choose from them on it for transferring to iTunes.

Step 3. If the file you want to import is photo or playlist, click Photo or Playlist.
By doing this, you can transfer music, movies, music videos, TV shows, photos and other multimedia files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. For music and photos, you can add them to playlists and albums to better manage them.
Tips: You can import contacts or photo music video to iPhone without iTunes. Click the Add button in each category and find the file you want to import. Check it and click Open.