How to lost calender and other iPhone data inlcuding contacts, voice mail?

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My iPhone is lost, but can I restore the data such as calendar, contacts, voice mails and text messages for the iphone?

In this situation, you need an iPhone Backup Restore program. You can use the iTunes data recovery software to recover calender, photos, videos, SMS, contacts and other info and files from your iTunes Backup folder when you lost or delete them accidently.

Note: iPhone calendar helps you to organize your life and word schedule in a single organizer. iPhone makes its calendar as an interesting and important tool. All events of your iPhone's calendar attract your attention and help you to remember your plans. You can turn on calendar alert sound and increase or decrease its volume as your need. iPhone calendar is the mini version of iCal of the Mac OSX. It is a handy tool by which you can organize your daily tasks. You can easily save and get alerts of your important notes about your meetings. Its very useful for business mans. With iPhone calendar users can get maximum benefits in their busy life schedule. If your iPhone's calendar will corrupted or damaged due to virus infection and common human errors. Then you need to restore iPhone calendar.

Guide: How to lost calender and other iPhone data inlcuding contacts, voice mail?

There are two ways to restore iPhone calender, contacts, voicemail, text messages:

Solution one: Restore them from your iTunes backup file.

Solution two: Restore them from your iCloud account.

Connect your iPhones with Apple USB cables, you can choose to recover from iTunes Backup file (iPhone). After running iTunes Backup Restore, you can choose to recover from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad backups.

Step 1: Launch the software, check Recover from iTunes Backup File, what you have backed up will be listed. Check your device and start to scan.

Step 2: After scanning, all the backed up files will show up for you to choose. Find the required on under specific category.


1. Make sure that your iTunes is 10.7 or above.

2. To avoid data being overwritten, please do not start iTunes or sync files when running this software.

3. Backed up files with lock icon means that they are encrypted backup which cannot be recovered by the current version.